About me

I am a positive and energetic woman, with a very large amount of humor , as well as developed situational awareness . I appreciate my friends very high , and is also in this aspect very loyal. I am the mother of two boys and live in Frederiksberg.

My spare time I spend on family, friends , good food ,running and yoga.

I have been so privileged in business, and had several exciting opportunities . It means that I have tried different job situations - they have all helped to make me who I am today.

Network I also enjoy my network in solving situations. I am a very quick learner and willing to learn , and can geberde me among people from all walks of life . Besides, I'm a big " kid " and is not afraid to throw myself into anything I have not already tried.

My work ethic I am VERY persistent when I get a job I have to solve , or a project with a deadline. Therefore, I never quit , but uses like much time and energy on finding the right solution


AP Multimedia Design

"As a multimedia design student you will learn to design, plan and implement the presentation of information and messages with the help of the latest multimedia tools.

Your future work may range from consultant and specialist assignments to managing major projects.

The Multimedia Design and Communication programme is a relatively short and practice-related education that combines your design skills with your skills in presentation and communication of information and messages.

The first three semesters is characterised by both lectures, exercises and projects for Danish and international companies.

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PBA Web Development

"As a Bachelor in Web Development you will be able to participate in the design and construction of web applications of all sizes.

You will be able to build web systems from scratch using object-oriented IDE, CMS and relational databases.

Furthermore, you will be able to use and analyse methods for the manufacturing of advanced media technology productions.

The programme is directed specifically at development of web technologies in a wide range of applications and a variety of distribution platforms preparing you for many different types of jobs.

Take a look at some handins┬╗